Restore the planet

About Us

Reversing Global Warming

Climo is a quasi-environmental-techno activist group formed in 2017. Its current mission is solitary: raise money for STEP.

What is STEP?

STEP (Solar Thermal Electrochemical Process) is a technological initiative developed by Professor Stuart Licht at George Washington University. The process is capable of converting atmospheric CO2 into usable carbon nanofibers. According to Licht's team, “We calculate that with a physical area less than 10 percent the size of the Sahara Desert, our process could remove enough CO2 to decrease atmospheric levels to those of the pre-industrial revolution within 10 years.”

Our Role

Climo has launched a massive publicity campaign on behalf of STEP. We will target donors of all sizes, while ultimately trying to reach large environmental conglomerates like The Breakthrough Energy Coalition (founded by Bill Gates in 2015). In doing this, we are circumventing the need to take on politicians or multi-national industries. All we need is US.